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CHARGE Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Sarah Baker Andrus is the founder and CEO of Avarah Careers, a career coaching business. She’s worked on all sides of the hiring equation, as a recruiter, hiring manager, and a career counselor, serving in the corporate world, non-profits, and academia. When it comes to the hiring process and how it works from the inside, she’s seen it all.


What’s her favorite thing to do? Help others find work that makes them feel great about getting out of bed in the morning! She loves guiding people through the job search process to land that job where they can thrive. Her goal is to share the strategies that separate a successful candidate from the ones who struggle, so that ambitious, motivated, early to mid-career professionals, and career changers, don’t have to feel stuck anymore. Since most of us spend more than half of our waking hours working, we can all benefit in life-changing ways by making that professional leap with her expertise.


In addition to leading Avarah Careers, she currently teaches as an adjunct professor and serves as the Assistant Director of Career Services at the University of Delaware, coaching MBA students and alumni.  When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, writing, good food & wine, running through Delaware’s beautiful parks, and hanging with the people she loves the most.