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CHARGE Podcast

Mar 1, 2021

Lamar Hunt Jr. has always felt the weight of the responsibility that comes with being born into opportunity. The Hunt family has a long history of entrepreneurship and investment in oil and petroleum, real estate, philanthropy, faith-based education, and, perhaps most famously, in sports.

As the founder of Loretto Companies, Lamar Hunt Jr. has created a vehicle that can help him to use his resources to benefit others. The four Loretto Companies include Loretto Commercial, Loretto Sports Ventures, and Loretto Properties, as well as the Loretto Foundation. Dedicated to helping to build strong families and support communities, the Loretto Foundation is devoted to promoting the intrinsic dignity of all human beings, with a special focus on the poor and those who are underserved by society. Lamar Hunt Jr. believes that strong families come from strong communities and vice versa. The Loretto Foundation is concerned with programs that help to strengthen both while addressing the root causes of poverty and other social ills and promoting physical health, spiritual well-being, social good, emotional wellness, and economic prosperity.

Today, Lamar Hunt Jr. remains active in a variety of charities across Kansas City besides those offered through the Loretto Foundation. He continues to contribute to the Catholic Radio Network, the Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, and Read Across America, to name a few. He lives with his wife, Rita Mae Hunt, in their home in Leawood, Kansas, where they spend as much time as they can with their nine children and eight grandchildren.