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CHARGE Podcast

Jul 20, 2020


Jeff Mains is an expert at turning ideas into enterprises. He has built five companies generating over $200 million in combined revenue. He is the founder and CEO of Intelligent Contacts, a software company which fixes one of the biggest problems in healthcare . . . billing. Helping healthcare providers extend the same great patient experience of care onward through a patient-friendly billing process.

Fanatical about helping entrepreneurs build stellar companies Jeff leads a growth accelerator called Champion Leadership Group. Through it he coaches business leaders to navigate complex challenges and future-proof their business models to weather the inevitable storms of life.

Combining his business experience with hobbies such as scuba diving, shark photography, flying, and boating Jeff brings fresh perspective linking business lessons to everyday life. He is the author of the new book Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business That Swims Circles Around Competitors.