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CHARGE Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Tom Morris, is a “Real World" Motivator that works as the Senior Director of Athletic Performance at Indiana University, He specializes in strength and conditioning for Olympic and collegiate athletes.

He is not a “motivational speaker”. He is a motivator that takes time away from his full-time job to share his story to show people that anything is possible.

For a large part of Tom’s life, he took for granted what a healthy strong body and mind play into your everyday life. Growing up as an athlete and being surrounded by sports led Tom to live a physically active and competitive lifestyle. Tom has raced in numerous cycling races, 12/24/36/72-hour adventure races, and triathlons of all distances. After suffering a spinal cord injury in May of 2012, he went from being on top of the world both mentally and physically to being what he refers to as “Zeroed Out”. Tom went from racing some of the toughest races on earth to not being able to push a wheelchair more than 5 ft. This life-changing event made him realize how fortunate we are to wake up each and every day. To have the ability to live life without barriers. To have the option to achieve any goal that we want.

One of Tom’s biggest passions in life is to help others achieve their own goals. He uses his energy, passion for life and his own personal story with the hope that it can to show others that anything in life is attainable, if you just start, and never ever give up.