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Small Business Answer Man

Nov 29, 2021

With us today is Joe Sanok, author of the new book, Thursday is the New Friday: How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want. In this book, Joe empowers readers with a practical, evidence-based methodology to create their own work schedule and dedicate more of their precious personal time to pursuing their hobbies and spending time with their family and friends.

Show Notes:

  • Are the institutions we hold dear stable or shaky?
  • Joe talked about how the evolution of how we work and how we use our time.
  • The old way of thinking is that there were only five ways to be more productive and that you had to do thing x.
  • Joe said that he has shifted his perspective to view things more as a menu
    • Start with your internal inclinations.
    • Move outward into slowing down.
    • Our best ideas don't come when we're stressed out and maxed out.
    • A three-day weekend can help us do more when we're actually working.
  • Don't delay it.
    • You'll learn so much during the process.
  • People overvalue work and how much of their identity is part of it.
  • How do you rein in good ideas and put in the time to your best work?
    • Work expands to fit the time given.
  • Extra days off force us to see how much time we've been putting into work.
    • What needs to be handed off to someone else?
    • Who am I outside of my work?
  • Think through what you're doing.
    • What works for you.
  • If you take a one-minute break every twenty minutes, you don't lose focus as easily.
    • Multitasking is a myth.
  • What kind of break do you need?
  • Look at this future weekend, add something and remove something.
    • Add something means doing something like finally reading a book that you've been meaning to read.
    • Removing something means doing something like not getting coffee with that friend who always drains your energy.
  • The best thing you can do to recharge is to slow down.

Joe Sanok's Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? Joe Sanok meditates and takes morning walks with a neighbor.
  2. What's the simple positive action that you take each day to move forward to achieve your goals? We are disconnected physically from each other, so he texts someone that is meaningful to him.
  3. What's your biggest life lesson and what have you learned from it? He sees himself not as his memories or his trauma, but having awareness of his own awareness is who he is.

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