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CHARGE Podcast

Sep 7, 2020

Rick proudly serves as the CEO of CH&M. CH&M is a family of businesses with a focus on PEOPLE over PROFITS. All too often, companies have neglected to see the synergies of a healthy work-life balance. An overworked, unappreciated employee brings that home with him/her, putting stress on important personal relationships. However, employees that are treated with the decency and respect they deserve will become better husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, friends, and neighbors. Rick believes that if a company focuses on the well-being of its people, the profits needed to fund or grow the business will happen through the dedication and love of its employees. Therefore, he is proud to say that all the companies under the CH&M umbrella are faith-based, family-focused companies centered around compassion for others, leadership over management, and zeal to see all employees fulfill their personal, professional, and spiritual potential.