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CHARGE Podcast

May 18, 2020

Nathan Akpan is a speaker, life/ business strategist, and subconscious behaviorist who is passionate about helping people unlock the greater potential and free them from the shackles of mind conditioning.

Dubbed the "young Wayne Proctor" by some of his peers (which is a play on being a hybrid of the Late Dr. Wayne Dyer & the Iconic personal growth teacher Mr. Bob Proctor) due to his marriage of high performance, psychological principles with timeless universal and metaphysical principles. He is unendingly fascinated about the mind and employs a variety of modalities like active and conversational hypnosis, NLP, handwriting analysis, Real-time advanced neurofeedback, Thought field therapy and others to help his clients achieve higher states of performance and consciousness.

He possesses a talent for public speaking and a great ability to break complex ideas down to what is familiar to his audience of any age. His teaching style is definitely one to experience!

He has taken up the mission of reaching 10 million people in the next 10 years through his online programs and live teaching seminars and retreats around the world and wishes to do more work in developing nations to empower them in the use of their minds in altering.