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CHARGE Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

Laura Albers is a mental health therapist, a master certified wellness coach, and owner of Albers Mind & Body Wellness. She received her master coaching certification through the International Association of Wellness Professionals and is now a Master Coach Leader, helping their students hone their coaching and self-care skills.
In her coaching and counseling business, Laura works primarily with high-achieving female executives and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overextended, and plagued by people pleasing and perfectionism. She helps them free up their precious time and energy so they can run their business with confidence and create a clear and manageable work/life balance.
Laura’s mission is to transform self-care from being yet another thing you “should” be doing but often don’t have time for, into a practice that clears what’s not serving you. Perfectionism, negative self-talk, feeling guilty all the time, and being afraid to say no are some of the many topics Laura addresses with her clients. She is currently creating an online, work-at-your-own pace, digital course to help others with their self-care and free up their precious time and energy.