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CHARGE Podcast

Aug 5, 2019

20+ years ago Madena Parsley started sponsoring children in Peru to show her kids, who were born into a very comfortable middle class home, that there are children who are less fortunate in different parts of the world who deserve a chance to Thrive. 15+ years later that sponsorship ended as those kids reached the age of 16, the age they graduate high school in Peru. In those 15+ years Madena had become part of the family of her sponsored kids, even named God Parent at her Quinceanera. When Madena got news of the cancellation of my sponsorship, she knew that she had to continue her support in some way. After all, age 16 is when you need the most support! After looking for another charity to fill the gap she realized there weren’t any that focused on teens/young adults in the area, so Madena started my own to fill the gap, in 2011 Casa Sana was born.