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CHARGE Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

Roger Wolkoff is a motivational speaker who helps you tap into your strengths and potential so you can get out of your own way and get more done. He delivers deeper engagement, stronger teams, and meaningful conversations. How does he do it? He talks about stories, ideas, and keys to unlock what’s already inside you. Roger has over 25 years of expert interpersonal communication and team-building experience. Audiences rave about his two most popular keynotes There is No Moment Like That One Moment and Done Farting Around: Pay Attention to What Matters!

His core messages center around trust, communication, and teams. He helps leaders and high-performing teams communicate with clarity, conviction, and positive intent. He is an avid believer in Clifton’s Strength Finder and everything surrounding positivity. He speaks to audiences about emotional intelligence, communication, and building positive relationships.

Roger lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Anne. He loves to travel, bike, and read science fiction. He is a big fan of baseball, skiing, and all things Tesla.