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CHARGE Podcast

Jan 14, 2019

Bob Dusin was raised on a wheat farm in Western Kansas. He has always been driven the ideal of getting a little better everyday. Bob was introduced to the high performance workplace philosophy over a decade ago and was immediately drawn to the positive change it brings to the work environment. Facilitating High Performance Workplace Leadership workshops brings together many of Bob's unique talents, passions, and his life works. He describes the workshops as transcendent because of the powerful impact it continues to have on him personally and the lives of the participants. Bob's vision is that leaders at all levels have the opportunity to experience and apply the common sense approach of HPWP.   Bob has decades of experience in the construction industry and earned his degree in silver engineering from Kansas University and a masters degree in business administration from Rockhurst University. He is a licensed professional engineer, a senior professional in human resources and a member of the national speakers organization.   Bob enjoys performing in improv shows and acting on TV and radio commercials when he's not spending time with his wife Beth and their two sons Nick and Matt.