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CHARGE Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Drew loves dogs, recycles, plays several instruments, can't keep his eyes off his wife and 75% of his family was adopted. Drew's professional life started in the public school band room and evolved into stringing lots of artsy areas together—like design, music, and film—to tell a good story.  As a digital media artist, he's won all kinds of awards that few have ever heard of. For years though, he knew he was leaving his clients with a big problem: nobody was seeing (or caring about) their precious videos. So he got busy launching, failing and learning "all-things marketing"—from YouTube, running online paid ads, and email. Now he uses all his past media-making experience and failures—including his retail experience at Apple—to teach small town business owners how to use the internet to get more sales.  Drew also has a way of extracting the unique superpower right out of service providers and boiling it down into an easy-to-understand framework. They'll use this stand out in their market, to scale their teams faster, and book more contracts without sounding needy.